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Press Release: UNISOL JobAcct 2.2.5

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Laurie Craig, UniSolutions Associates (949) 488-3960
Melissa Deagman, Breakthru Communications (408) 777-9364


UNISOL JobAcct Now Offers Application-Specific Resource Accounting

Dana Point, Calif. - August 6, 1996 - UniSolutions Associates today announced the release of UNISOL JobAcct Version 2.2.5 with expanded resource accounting capabilities, including application-specific accounting functions for Internet service providers (ISP) and universities, and enhanced disk usage accounting. UNISOL JobAcct is a complete system monitoring, resource accounting, and billing solution for UNIX systems that allows organizations, such as universities, ISPs, government agencies, and commercial businesses, to provide system access and services to other organizations, or to distribute work across multiple projects to maintain control over system resource usage. UNISOL JobAcct's specialized resource accounting capabilities address the particular job accounting needs of ISP and university customers. ISP accounting functions allow the user to bill a certain amount for a minimum monthly charge, and charge extra for resources used beyond the set amount. University accounting functions allow the user to track budgets by individual users. JobAcct alerts the user via a warning when the budget is exceeded, or login may be disabled. In addition, JobAcct offers enhanced flexibility in disk usage accounting that includes standard disk usage averaging, and allows the user to set minimum and maximum charges for disk usage. "Using JobAcct, we have been able to recoup money that can be reallocated toward salaries, new hardware, upgrades, and other areas not included in the budget," said Nicholas Hinkle-DeGroot, system administrator at the University of Michigan. "The other resource accounting products we looked at provided adequate information at the user level, but did not provide the in-depth information we need at the project level. JobAcct provides accurate and comprehensive information by user and project and presents it in an understandable, straightforward manner."

UNISOL JobAcct performs cost accounting by user, group, project, and cost center, and can also assign proportional chargeback for projects or departments. Individual accounting charges include connect time, disk usage, CPU usage, miscellaneous charges, memory usage, disk I/O operations, and pages printed. An optional performance monitoring module monitors system activity, collects performance data, and provides graphical summaries of system performance. Flexible reporting formats itemize charges for user, group, project chargeback number, and cost center, and can include addresses for direct mailing to users and their organizations. "UNISOL JobAcct was designed to provide our customers with an efficient and flexible way to monitor system resources and perform job accounting functions," said Laurie Craig, UniSolutions Associates' director of marketing. "We are constantly searching for ways to increase our level of service to our customers. JobAcct's new application-specific job accounting functions allow us to offer our ISP and university customers with a focused product tailored to meet their particular needs." UNISOL JobAcct is now available. Licenses for single machines start at $1,595. The product runs on most major UNIX platforms, including UNIX SVR4, Digital UNIX 3.2 and 4.0, SunOS 4.x, Solaris 2.x, HP/UX 9.0.x and 10.x, SGI Irix 5.3 and 6.x, AIX 3.2 and 4.1, NCR UNIX 3.0, and Amdahl UTS.

Since 1986, UniSolutions Associates has been providing system administration and security software necessary for effective management of UNIX systems and networks. UNISOL Utilities, the company's line of UNIX Site Management Software, which are used by organizations throughout the world, empower administrators to tap into the full capabilities of the UNIX operating system. Products such as UNISOL JobAcct, SysAdmin, and BART simplify time-consuming tasks and provide administrators with precise system control. For more information, contact: UniSolutions Associates, 33586 Via Lagos, Dana Point, California, 92629. Phone: (949) 488-3960. Fax: ((949)) 443-5354.



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