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Press Release: UNISOL JobAcct 3.0

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JobAcct Option Offers Fast, Flexible, Accurate Support Targeted at Organizations with Database-intensive Applications

Dana Point, Calif. - September 15, 1997 - To meet the demand for accurate database accounting for database-intensive applications in large corporate organizations, universities, and government agencies, UniSolutions Associates now offers an optional package for the company's JobAcct software. The option allows system administrators higher accuracy and greater flexibility for tracking and billing server utilization for response to queries against Oracle databases. The Oracle database accounting option from UniSolutions is unique in its ability to execute precise database cost accounting and assessment for each user, group, project and cost center. UniSolutions' JobAcct job accounting and assessment software package for UNIX systems executes precise cost accounting and assessment for each user, group, project and cost center encumbrance on a project/department level.

"As companies strive to attain greater information about how their resources are being utilized, they realize it is virtually impossible without an accurate database accounting system," said Haral Tsitsivas, president of UniSolutions. "Other database accounting solutions were based on a sampling strategy that was bandwidth intensive and not particularly accurate. We have received a strong and positive response to our approach." JobAcct software tracks UNIX processes and their activities, so it can easily track the client portion of any Oracle application. The Oracle database accounting option of JobAcct allows system and database administrators to track and bill server resource usage required to reply to client requests. The new UNISOL JobAcct option tracks database connect time, CPU usage, and disk I/O operations by session and user. Unlike other solutions on the market that use sampling to estimate utilization, JobAcct records activity with database triggers. Using database triggers solves the two problems inherent in the sampling model: inaccurate information, and bandwidth demands that impact system performance. The inaccuracies occur when session activity occurs between samplings, and is therefore lost. The use of sampling also requires system cycles to execute, adding to system overhead. Database usage reports itemize charges for each user, group, project chargeback number, and cost center, and can contain addresses for direct mailing to users and their organizations. Reports can be easily added or altered with awk or other report writing programs. ASCII reports (flat files) can also be created and easily reformatted for use with databases or other financial programs.

JobAcct is highly flexible. The assessment rates for JobAcct can vary for prime-time, non-prime-time, and reduced-charge hours for each chargeback number. There are also variable accounting periods, in one day intervals, for each project, cost center, user and group.

The Oracle option is available now and may be licensed for $2,000 per site. The JobAcct software package requires a licensing agreement, which starts at $2,345 for the network license. The standalone base package ranges from $1,595 to $5,445.

Since 1986, UniSolutions Associates has been providing system administration and security software necessary for effective management of UNIX systems and networks. UNISOL Utilities, the company's line of UNIX Site Management Software, which are used by organizations throughout the world, empower administrators to tap into the full capabilities of the UNIX operating system. Products such as UNISOL JobAcct, SysAdmin, and BART simplify time-consuming tasks and provide administrators with precise system control. For more information, contact: UniSolutions Associates, 33586 Via Lagos, Dana Point, California, 92629. Phone: (949) 488-3960. Fax: ((949)) 443-5354. Website: http://www.unisol.com ####


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