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Press Release: UNISOL JobAcct 3.0 on Windows NT

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Laurie Craig Steve Simon
UniSolutions Associates S&S Public Relations
(949) 488-3960 (847) 291-1616, ext. 237

UniSolutions Associates Announces the Release of UNISOL® JobAcctTM for Windows NT Software that Provides System Resource Accounting and Chargeback by Project. Now Supports both UNIX & NT Platforms.

DANA POINT, CA - (April 14, 1998) - In response to customer demand, UniSolutions Associates has announced the release of UNISOL® JobAcctTM software for Windows NT®, an advanced software package that provides system resource accounting and chargeback functionality by project. This new Windows NT version offers the same versatility, ease-of-use and reliability that has distinguished JobAcct's UNIX version among MIS users in business, government and educational environments. With JobAcct, Windows NT users will now be able to collect detailed information on resources consumed at each NT server or workstation, including logins, connect time and application usage. In addition, JobAcct performs "actual cost" accounting and chargeback for each user, group, project and cost center, or "proportional" chargeback on a project/department level. JobAcct also allows users to generate reports for all networked machines from a single NT or UNIX system. Other valuable features provided by JobAcct for Windows NT include: reports that may be easily combined on a single host machine for many systems on the network; the ability for users to individually preview their accounting charges for each billing period; direct account billing and project-level tracking and reporting; tracking of miscellaneous charges; user-friendly HTML-based documentation; accounting that can include all commands or be restricted to specific commands, as well as exclude specific comma nds, making it possible to charge system usage only for certain applications.

"JobAcct for Windows NT is the perfect solution for companies who have been adding NT workstations to their UNIX environment," said Haral Tsitsivas, president and product developer for UniSolution Associates. "These customers will now be able to generate reports from their NT machines, and will also be able to pass NT data along to their UNIX system, which can then generate reports for both the NT and UNIX machines on their network." Moreover, Tsitsivas also noted that JobAcct functions as a stand-alone for companies using only Windows NT. "JobAcct will add value to any MIS department requiring accurate data for resource accounting, project accounting, and software applications accounting." "The Windows NT version of JobAcct enables us to continue meeting the changing needs of our existing customers," added Tsitsivas, "and it gives us a new tool to offer companies operating within a dedicated NT environment." In addition to being acknowledged for the quality of its products, UniSolutions Associates has also received high marks from customers in both industry and government for its service-oriented approach, one that is rooted in the concept of working with each user to create an individually tailored product.

For more information regarding JobAcct for Windows NT, contact UniSolutions Associates by phone at 949/488-3960, or visit the company's Internet Web-site at http://www.unisol.com

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