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Support and Maintenance


The License fee includes start-up support for 30 days after delivery, and a 90-day warranty. An Annual Maintenance Agreement is available for an additional fee.

The Maintenance Agreement includes:

  • Phone/e-mail support for questions regarding UniSolutions' products, and help with installation and/or configuration of the Software.
  • Bug fixes and updates sent with the next major release. Critical bug fixes are available via FTP as soon as they are found. Additional releases are also available via FTP at no cost, or via the preferred distribution media for each release at published upgrade price.


Consulting support is furnished at UniSolutions' published consulting rates for the following items.
  • Enhancements or modifications specific to the customer, which are performed at customer's request.
  • Time spent debugging a problem caused by the customer's modifications to UniSolutions' products.
  • Phone/e-mail support for basic system administration questions, and help in solving specific system problems encountered by the system manager.


Bugs can be reported via phone or e-mail. When reported via e-mail the preferred method is via the "send-pr" script, which e-mails the report to "bugs@unisol.com" in the correct format for insertion directly into our GNATS (bug tracking) database. The user automatically receives a reply with the problem report number which can be used to track the resolution of the problem. The "send-pr" script can be downloaded via FTP from: ftp://www.unisol.com/pub/misc/send-pr.shar.

Bug reports can also be filled out on the web, using this form.


The complete product documentation is available for online viewing (in HTML format) or for downloading for viewing on the user's own machine. A user name and password is required for access to this area. Supported customers may call UniSolutions Associates to receive their access code.

Online Documentation Index

Download Documentation Page


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