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UNISOL® BARTTM is an unattended network backup system, which includes archive, restore, and tape management functions.

Note: BART is no longer supported as an end-user product, however it is available as an OEM product.

UNISOL BART's point and click interface makes backups effortless by allowing the easy scheduling of filesystem backups for the user's entire network, keeping track of backup tapes, and by allowing users to schedule file restores using the online tape database.

  • The backup method is independent of the scheduler in order to allow the use of vendor-specific backup applications. Default backup methods include cpio and dump backups and allow for compression and encryption of the backup files. The administrator can define additional backup methods to be used by the schedule in order to support databases and other special needs.
  • The backup schedule can be set up once and can continue to operate until the administrator makes a change (without having to reset it the next year). The schedule allows the user to set up when, where, how, and at what level the different filesystems will be backed up, while individual files and directories can be excluded using regular expressions. Staggered backups can maximize the amount of data backed up to each tape.
  • Tapes are tracked by the tape library management database, which contains the exact contents of the tape, enforces tape expiration dates, and allows tapes to contain scheduling and expiration information. A database with the status (and output) of each scheduled backup is also kept for up-to-date reports or for later viewing by the administrator.
  • Files to be restored are selected with a restore tool that queries the on-line database and displays all versions of a particular file, and, files selected for restoration can be placed in a staging area specified by the user, or in their original location. Restores specified by the user are queued for later execution. If the tapes are currently online (e.g. the tapes are in a supported jukebox device) the restores will be done automatically without any operator intervention; otherwise, an operator is paged to view the database of requests and initiate the restore. A notification is sent to the user via e-mail with the status of completion of his restore request.
  • BART can also perform an immediate online archive as well as a scheduled archive that moves files with old access times to more economical media (e.g. tape) for long term storage. Users can mark their own files for archival.

Additional product information may be found at the papers directory.

Operating Systems: AIX, Digital Unix, DGUX, HP-UX, NCR Unix, Linux, SCO Unix, SunOS, Solaris for Sparc and x86, SGI IRIX, and other UNIX versions.
Tape library support: Most SCSI II compatible tape libraries are supported on Solaris, HP-UX and SGI machines.
Localization: English
Source Language: C
Source Available: yes


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