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UNISOL® JobAcctTM is a job accounting and chargeback software package for UNIX, Linux and Windows systems. UNISOL JobAcct was the first true project level system activity chargeback product, first introduced in 1988. UNISOL JobAcct performs "actual cost" accounting and chargeback for each user, group, project and cost center, or, "proportional" chargeback on a project/department level. Accounting can be restricted to specific commands or can include all commands, with individual charges broken down into:
  • connect usage
  • disk usage
  • memory usage
  • miscellaneous charges
  • cpu usage
  • disk I/O operations
  • pages printed
  • database usage (connect, cpu, I/O, memory)

Reports are produced with charges itemized for each user, group, project chargeback number, and cost center, and can include addresses for direct mailing to users and their organizations. Reports can be easily added or modified with awk or other report writing programs. ASCII reports (flat files) can also be generated and easily reformatted for use with databases or other financial programs.

UNISOL JobAcct modules and program flowgraph for IT Chargeback

Features of UNISOL JobAcct include:

  • Windows NT/2000/2003/XP Accounting. Tracks connect time, application usage, cpu usage, memory usage, disk space usage, printer usage and miscellaneous charges by user, group, project, and cost center.
  • SQL Server Accounting. Tracks database connect time, cpu usage and disk I/O operations, by session, user and project.
  • DB2 Accounting. Tracks database connect time, cpu usage, and disk I/O operations by session, user and project.
  • Sybase Accounting. Tracks database connect time, cpu usage, network I/O and disk I/O operations, by session, user and project.
  • Oracle Accounting. Tracks database connect time, cpu usage, memory usage, disk I/O operations, and SQLNet usage by session, user and project.
  • ISP Accounting. Allow for free set amounts of resources for a minimum charge per month while charging for extra resources.
  • University Accounting. Keep track of budgets by individual users and disable login or produce a warning when budget is exceeded.
  • Flexible disk usage accounting includes minimum and maximum charges as well as standard disk usage averaging.
  • Allocation of charges to many project chargeback numbers by using user-level commands to change project chargeback numbers within a terminal session. System-wide or personal aliases can be used to refer to chargeback numbers.
  • Charging different rates for prime-time, non-prime-time, and reduced-charge hours, for each chargeback number.
  • Variable accounting periods (in one-day intervals) for each project, user, or group.
  • Flexible distribution of disk charges among many chargeback numbers.
  • Users may individually (pre)view their accounting charges (up to the last available accounting summary) for each billing period.
  • Reports may be easily combined/produced for all/many systems on the network from a single host.
  • Generation of reports indicating logins of users and teletypes, and commands executed by each user (both detailed and summary reports).
  • Summary reporting for a top-down view of the overall system or chargeback level accounting charges, including percentage information (of both resource usage and revenue sources) for each chargeable field, and generate pie-charts of system usage at the chargeback number level.
  • Direct account billing and project-level budget tracking and reporting.
  • User-friendly menus/forms management interface simplifies the configuration of JobAcct control tables and the generation of standard and/or ad-hoc reports.
  • Java and X-Windows (Motif) application management interfaces are also available for most systems.
  • An optional performance monitoring module collects system activity and reports system performance for specific resources in both tabular and graphical form.
UNISOL JobAcct replaces the standard system accounting summary commands, and uses system dependent control files in order to analyze and summarize system accounting data according to user specifications.

Additional product information may be found at the papers directory.

Operating Systems: AIX, Compaq Tru64, HP-UX, Linux, SCO Unix, Solaris for Sparc and x86, SGI IRIX, Cray UNICOS, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows 2008, Windows XP/Vista/7, and, other UNIX versions.
Localization: English
Source Language: C
Source Available: yes


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