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Since its founding in 1985, UniSolutions has been a leading developer of system management utilities for the UNIX environment. In 1996 we announced our first Windows compatible product, and we continue to improve both our UNIX and Windows products.

In 1988, UniSolutions released the first system resource accounting software for UNIX at the project/cost-center level. Today, UNISOL® JobAcctTM remains unique in its ability to produce accurate reports quickly with minimum overhead. Our customers also appreciate the product's flexibility and ease of use.

UniSolutions has thousands of satisfied customers in a variety of industries throughout the world. Customers include the federal government and government agencies, government contractors, engineering and consulting companies, banking institutions, universities, and corporations that wish track system usage at the project and cost-center level.

We proudly emphasize personal service, and truly enjoy working with our customers to provide the highest level of satisfaction.


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