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Performance Monitoring Option

This optional module monitors system activity and summarizes system performance data at user selected intervals.

Under normal operation, data is automatically collected (from system startup time) into daily summary reports and data may be independently analyzed for each day under user control and may be summarized and displayed to the screen or printed.

Performance data summaries can be kept on-line for months allowing for the easy comparison of system performance from different time periods, or can be archived to tape for retrieval and analysis at a later time. Ad hoc monitoring and reporting is also supported providing live system monitoring and the generation of short-term reports.

The information that is recorded, reported, and, analyzed by the System Performance Monitoring option includes:

  • Processes(in run queue, blocked or swapped out),
  • Memory Usage (used, free),
  • Paging Activity (pages in, out),
  • Swap Space Usage,
  • Disk I/O (number of operations),
  • Faults (interrupts, system calls, context switches),
  • CPU usage (user, system, idle time),
  • System Tables (files, inodes, processes, texts),
  • User Logins, and,
  • Load Average.
The summarized data can be further analyzed to provide an insight into system resource utilization and possible expansion needs while providing graphs of interesting events suitable for inclusion in management reports or computer equipment expansion justifications.

X-Windows releases of Performance Monitoring provide clear graphical representions of the collected information, and support zoom capability, and Postscript or HP Laserjet formatted graphs.


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